The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, from the South Rim Trail

Yellowstone is an odd National Park. Completely aside from being at least as spectacular as the hype surrounding the park would lead you to believe, the great majority of visitors experience the park from their car window. In no other park I’ve visited have I seen the crowds of visitors take in the landscape in such a passive way. Sure, the park is vast, but there is unbelievable diversity in geography and scenery in very short distances.

I shouldn’t complain. Despite the park teeming with other visitors, hiking trails were nearly deserted. One such trail was the South Rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This day hike was made significantly more interesting by missing a turn and continuing well past the end of the canyon, to a remote lake and overlook back into the canyon. Once finding our way again, we were treated to a walk along the rim of the canyon with staggering views every couple hundred yards. Here is one such view:

Large panorama of the grand canyon of Yellowstone national park

Such a large panorama has the unfortunate effect of compressing the vertical nature of the scene, so in the end, all I can say is hike the trail and see it for yourself.