It has been three years since I last updated this blog, and the time as finally come for a complete revamp. I’ve redesigned the site to focus far more on photography and photography alone. The homepage will feature a single photo along with thumbnails of a dozen or more other recent photographs. And that really is all it will do right now.

This suits the sort of photography I do right now. I routinely travel with my DSLR, but I take very few photos. The photos I do take are usually very large panoramas that take hours to put together, but which represent what I am experiencing as well digital media can. I only create a few of these a year, and so the focus on a small number of images on this website suits me. It will feature the latest major photography projects as well as the occasional video.


This past September, I found myself in Salzburg with my family. We spent 5 days exploring the old city and the surrounding area. This is the first photo in a series from Salzburg, and it gives you a very good idea of the general layout of the city. Hohensalzburg perched above the old city, and the new city across the river.


The original large panorama file is 16292×5339.