The 1st Day of the Routeburn, 180 Megapixel, 360 Degree Panorama

During the first day of the Routeburn Track, on the south island of New Zealand, there is a side trail that leads to Key Summit, a 1 km peak nestled in between quite a few larger mountain ranges.  It’s an easy 400m climb up to the top (thanks to the fact that the Track has been climbing up from the road all day already), and worth the view:

360 Degrees

While this photo looks small, it’s actually one of the largest I’ve worked with.  It was composed of around 20 individual photos (each 22 megapixels from my Canon 5dii), merged in Photoshop.  While I’m only able to upload a (relatively) small size to WordPress, the original file is a computer crushing 180 megapixels.  Definitely click to embiggen and enjoy the view!