Juneau Sunset HDR Panorama

A high dynamic range panorama is a first for me. Over the past year or so, I’ve taken bracketed exposures for a number of panoramas, but until now, I hadn’t tried to edit any of them. The challenge lies in matching the exposure and color between the two HDR images, each consisting of 3 photos. It took a good deal of trial and error (merging a panorama, then going back to re-edit an HDR to try to make it match better) before I was able to create a seamless single panorama:

Juneau Sunset

The use of HDR in this shot is certainly subtle, but without it, there would be absolutely no detail apart from the sky and water.  The tiny bit of green on the hills and white in the town added by the use of HDR provides another level of interest to the shot, particularly when viewed at full size.  HDR merging was done with Photomatix, the panorama was created and final editing was done in Photoshop.