How to Brew an English Porter

I for a couple years, I played in a string quartet where the two violins were married with non-string-playing husbands.  The quartet rehearsed all afternoon every Sunday, and to occupy themselves, the two guys would brew beer while they waited.  Mash and boil one weekend, bottle the next.  The beer is cheaper and higher quality than your average store-bought six pack (assuming you know what you’re doing and already have the necessary equipment), and it’s always fun to learn and perfect a complicated process like that yourself.  A year ago one violin (and her husband) moved away, and I’ve occasionally filled in to help my remaining friend with a batch of home-brew.

As I’m the novice of the pair, I’ve mostly been following along, helping where I can, and trying to learn.  This last batch, I decided to grab my camera and document the process each step of the way.  My objective with the video was to produce something interesting to watch — if someone can learn how to actually brew this beer from this video that’s great, but that wasn’t my first priority.  A couple important pieces of information have been left out of the video as well, such as how much sugar to add when bottling.  That particular detail varies depending on your own personal taste, and a reasonable amount can be found with a google search.

This was filmed using my standard set up — Canon 5d Mark II with the 24-105 f4/L lens.  It was mostly shot at 3200 iso due to our brewing at night, but I find that iso to offer perfectly acceptable color and noise.  Color grading was done with Magic Bullet.  No cats were actually sanitized during the process.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!