Lake Mackenzie Panorama – Routeburn Track

I have a backlog of New Zealand photos that are done and waiting to be posted — later this week I plan to post one of my favorite photos from the trip, as well as what is shaping to be a long post about two long photos (a vertical panoramic dyptich).  I also am about halfway done creating a slideshow video from the trip, which I hope to post sooner rather than later.  Trey Ratcliff beat me to the punch with his outstanding 8000 pictures video, which is very similar to what I’m planning.

For now, though, here is a panoramic I finished months ago and was shocked to find I had never posted:

The smallest panorama of the hike, at only 13,846x5786.
Lake Mackenzie

The first hut on the Routeburn Track, Mackenzie hut, is located 50 feet from this lake.  I took this photo right when we arrived, around 5:00, after beginning the trek 11 hours earlier.  Needless to say, I didn’t have enough energy to sit and admire the beauty of the scene as much as I would have liked to.