View from the highest point in the hike.

Panorama of Harris Lake on the Routeburn Track

I have been trying to avoid posting too many New Zealand photos before Christmas because a few of them were printed as gifts.  Now that the holiday has come and gone, it’s open season.  I’ll start things off with a 15 shot panorama of the highest pass on the Routeburn Track.  This 3 day hike was one of the highlights of the trip, and shouldn’t be missed by anyone visiting the country.  It is, in my small book, the best walk in the world by far.  Less popular than the famous Milford Track, the Routeburn is one day shorter and an average of 5km less per day, but it is higher altitude and more vertical.

I only took my 50 mil prime with me on the walk, to save on weight, and I regretted it the entire time.  Fifty millimeters is just not wide enough to do landscapes justice.  My solution was to take dozens of panoramas, many of them 15-20 frames.  The resulting images are large, to say the least.  This one happens to be about 105 megapixels at full size, though I had to reduce it a great deal to upload it here.  Still, make sure to click on it and embiggen:

View from the highest point in the hike.
Lake Harris Panorama

Pictured here is Lake Harris, roughly 1300 meters above sea-level.  On the left, one can see a slender waterfall, draining from the even larger and higher Lake Wilson.  On the right, the valley that the Routeburn and the water descends through is barely visible.  On both edges, the Routeburn stretches into the distance.