Diptych Attack!

Another week, another Gizmodo photo contest.  The theme of this week’s contest was a fun one, diptychs.  What I immediately thought of was using this form to put the camera into the picture.  I’m really pleased with how these shots turned out, both put together into a panorama and separately.  It would not have been possible without Andy’s help:

Macro Photography

Here is my summary from Gizmodo:

Taken with a Canon 5d Mark II and 100mm f2.8 macro lens. Shot wide open, 200 iso, with a 1/2000 shutter speed, underexposing the shot by a third.

I set up my 24-105mm on my friend’s 7d, and lined it up with the pictured flower.  My 5d was on a video tripod for an easy, level pan, such that both the flower and the lens were in focus.  Then, I just waited with my finger poised on the remote shutter for one of the massive bees zooming around the garden to cross the focal plane — each time one did, I tried to capture it. Eventually I got one in focus and where I wanted it, and I just panned the camera over and quickly took the second shot, of the 24-105.  Very little photoshopping needed, just brought the exposure up to neutral and put the two shots together.

Click the shot above for higher res version.  The original is over 9000 (!!!) pixels wide and over 100 megs.  For the sake of load times, even the bigger version I uploaded here is cut down significantly…  Of course a diptych is not a panoramic (though it certainly can form one), it’s two images that are presented as a pair.  Below are the two images re-sized for dual-screen computer wallpapers, which is the best application for modern diptychs I can think of: